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The Board of Trustees (BOT) is made up of five parent representatives, one staff representative and the Principal.

Primarily the Board is accountable for student achievement and must provide an environment for the delivery of quality educational outcomes.

Boards are there to govern the school and the Principal manages the school.

The Prinicipal:

· Manages the school’s day to day operations and allocates responsibilities to staff
· Involves parents, staff and the school community in developing educational objectives
· Prepares and implements with the Board a strategic plan to achieve these objectives
· Selects staff, implements staff training and reviews staff performance
· Reports to the Board on learning outcomes and other aspects of school operation.

The Board’s role is to:

· Create a vision for the school’s future alongside the Principal
· Be curriculum focused and “hands off” day to day management
· Review and audit school policies & the Charter
· Review and approve a strategic plan each year
· Set a budget and monitor the school’s financial position.
· Deal with complaints and disciplinary matters referred by the Principal
· Review the Principal’s performance and management of the school
· Ensure the school communicates effectively with the community.

If you would like a copy of BOT minutes please email accounts@stanleybay.school.nz


Principal: Lucy Naylor 
445 2510
email:  principal@stanleybay.school.nz

 Greg Balla  
445 2420 
mob 021 938 601
email: gregballa81@yahoo.com 

Rachel Keane
Marissa Pearson
Tim Chapman
Chris Wilson
Michelle Butler (Staff Representative)