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Attention: Parents Of ALL Years

You are potential Waterwise Instructors! 

Do you enjoy being on the water? Do you enjoy teaching children new skills? Consider becoming a Waterwise Instructor!

 Each year during Term 1 and Term 4 all Stanley Bay Year 6 students meet at Narrowneck Beach on Thursday afternoons where they learn how to sail as well as learning aspects of water safety, with qualified Waterwise Instructors.  This is known as the Waterwise Programme.

Check out the great photos of past sessions in the gallery to the right of this page. The Devonport Waterwise website (www.devonportwaterwise.co.nz) also gives further information about the programme.

As instructors often move on when their children leave the school, we need to recruit new instructors each year. At present we are looking to increase the number of qualified instructors at Stanley Bay School to better serve the children. 

Generally it is held in September. The Waterwise Instructors Course will be led by experienced Waterwise Instructors.

Usually the Waterwise Instructor sessions will be each Monday, Friday and Saturday 9-3pm for 3 weeks. There will also be theory sessions. It is important to attend each session as a new skill is learnt at each session. Included in these dates, is a theory and a practical assessment.

This course is open to ALL Stanley Bay School parents and caregivers. Upon passing the assessments at the completion of the course, you will be a fully accredited Waterwise Instructor, qualifying you to instruct the children during their Waterwise sessions along with our current instructors. The expectation is that an instructor will do at least three years of instructing once qualified and that ideally that instructing would be at Stanley Bay School sessions.  

There is no charge for this course, but there is a limit to the number of people who can enrol. Due to the popularity of the course, you should contact the school office as soon as possible.

Please be aware that you do not need any prior knowledge of boating to participate in this course, just the ability to swim in the sea.  Beginners are welcome and indeed, it is a good opportunity to learn to sail for free! Experienced sailors wanting to be Waterwise Instructors also need to attend the course in order to learn to teach sailing the Waterwise way.

Please feel free to talk to Helen Pelham (hpelham@stanleybay.school.nz) to ask for more information. In addition, the office can give you the contacts for current Stanley Bay School Instructors who are happy to discuss any queries you may have regarding the Waterwise Programme.

Come and join us - it’s so much fun and very social.




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