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  • All students are carefully monitored by staff and senior management, to ensure appropriate progress is being made in all areas of learning.
  • Where there is a concern around learning, staff will contact parents and a home/school plan will be put into action.
  • If the home/school plan is not having the desired effect, a supplementary programme at school may be offered.This is supplementary to the classroom teaching programme, which is the place where the main learning will take place.(See the list below for the current programmes running in 2014)
  • Teachers will continue to monitor and report on student’s progress.If you want to know how your student is doing while on an extra programme, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • If progress is still unsatisfactory, your child can be referred to the RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour) who works over a cluster of schools, giving further advice and support. Not all students are picked up, unless they are deemed worthy enough by the RTLB team.Sometimes an RTLIT (Resource Teacher of Literacy) is applied for if appropriate. Again, not all students are picked up, as they are ranked with other applications from our cluster. Some parents may be advised to seek an education psychologist’s report if this is appropriate. Unfortunately there is not a funded psychologist that the school can access, apart from for extreme behaviour cases.
  • In the case of severe behaviour or medical cases, the school works directly with the Ministry of Education, and for some cases a teacher aide is funded to work with the student in the class.
  • ESOL student’s language is assessed on entry to school. Depending on student’s language levels, they can attract TA funding to work with them one on one to develop their English.
  • Students with special abilities are identified by their teachers and classroom programmes are set to meet their needs. Where a student is so far ahead of their class, they may be cross grouped to a higher class to meet their needs.
  • Some supplementary programmes are offered in and out of school to allow students to work with others who are at a similar academic level for stimulation. 

 Programmes offered in 2014