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Stanley Bay School ICT programme

We run a targeted programme for middles and senior students to introduce some ICT areas that are difficult to cover in a normal classroom situation. This includes areas such as cybersafety, computer programming, touch-typing, and copyright.
Some of these modules can be used at home by motivated students. The modules on right side of this page direct you to the sites that students can use by themselves.  The students should know their own usernames and passwords. For any questions about the programme or programs you can email pharrison@stanleybay.school.nz
NetSafe - Cybersafety and Security Advice for New Zealand
Cyberbullying - advice for young people, parents and teachers
Staying Safe Online
Hector's World - Cybersafety Training for younger students
NetBasics - Cybersafety and Security Basics at Home
Other websites we use at SBS
Animations program
Dance Mat Typing - touch typing tutoring program
Code log-ins
Year 2 students 2017
Year 3 students 2017
Year 4 students 2017
Year 5 students 2017
Year 6 students 2017
Year 1 students 2017
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