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STAR learning - Inquiry and thinking

Aims are to:

- Enhance children's thinking by learning how they learn and knowing what they need to do to improve. 
- Enable a deeper level of learning.
- Provide children with skills and a life long structure for learning. 

These key skills are taught through all areas of the curriculum, in particular reading, writing, and topic. Learning using thinking skills and inquiry processes are based on SOLO taxonomy (a progression of thinking) and incorporate the key competencies of the national curriculum. Relevant concepts and contexts are used to make learning meaningful.

Star learning

Throughout their studies, children are encouraged to use the Star Learning model. This model sets children up with a process that equips them to form and research questions, to analyse information gained before presenting their findings and reflecting on new learning – skills needed long after leaving Stanley Bay. This model is used across all classes and different curriculum areas. 

2014 at Stanley Bay

This year the overarching theme running across the school is

This theme is broken down into a different focus for each term.  

Term one: Our environment
Term two: Earth's environment
Term three: Improving our environment
Term four: Changing environments 

The focus for each term is the same across the school, despite what year level the children are in. It is however up to each year level to choose how they will organise their studies around their focus.

Having a common theme creates an environment where teachers discuss and share ideas from their classes, and children talk about the different aspects of the common theme they are learning about. To take this collaboration a step further we have cross-school assemblies that will be held in term three and a buddy class system, which develops a greater sense of community within our school. The buddy class system involves two classes at different levels of the school being paired together. Children then share what they have been learning in different curriculum areas with their buddy. It is great to see children communicating about their learning through these opportunities. 

Children articulating their learning is an essential part of the learning process so make sure you have a look at your classes webpage to find out more. Our open afternoon will have also given you an opportunity to get more of an insight into what your child is learning. 
Star Learning
Star Learning model
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