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 Are Confident
Motivated and reliable
Positive in their own identity
Persevere and show determination

 Are Connected
Effective communicators
Able to relate well to others
Effective users of information tools

   To Optimise Student
 Are Life Long Learners
Literate and numerate
Critical and creative thinkers
Informed decision makers
Active seekers, users and creators
of knowledge
    Developing Children
              who .......
 Are Actively Involved
Participants in a wide range of life experiences
Contributors to the well being of NZ -
social, economic and environmental

 Care for the environment

Innovation, enquiry & curiosity
Community and partnership 

 Respect for themselves and others
 Integrity - honest, responsible and

 Mission Statement
Stanley Bay School will provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes achievement and prepares children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to succeed now and in the future.